Inspirational: Natures lessons


eMediNexus    30 January 2018

Why don’t you and your friend get together and play the game?

One of you say the name of any bird, animal, worm or plant and guess what you can learn from it. There usually is something so do not give up too easily. And if you stumped you can always ask the grown up to help you out. Take, for instance, ants. Are they not a model of hard work? How busily and tirelessly they ferret for food all day. They are excellent at team work too. It is wonderful to see six or seven of them haul away a tiny shred of coconut or grain of sugar.

And what about the crow? Most people don’t like crow but I think they are admirable. Do you know that they are natures garbage disposers? Give them anything, even rotten food, and they will gratefully gobble it up. Another remarkable trait is that when one of them spies food, they generously call out to their fellows, even if it is just a mite, so go ahead and see what our animal friends have to teach us.

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