Optimizing Insulin Therapy with Injection Technique: FITTER Recommendations


Hony. Brigadier Prof. GS Sainani, Mumbai    31 January 2018

Therapy Expert Recommendations (FITTER), India 2017: All injectable agents rely on the correct injection technique, hence appropriate injection technique is crucial for the success of insulin therapy. Forum for Injection Technique (FIT), India revised the existing recommendations to achieve the best possible health outcomes by ensuring that the correct dose of medication is delivered to the correct injection site, using the correct technique.

FITTER India 2017 TOP Recommendations are: 4mm pen needles and 6 mm insulin syringes (shortest needle length) are recommended as the first-line of choice in all patient categories; Systematic site rotation should be practiced; Screening and prevention of lipohypertrophy is necessary; Prevention of re-use of insulin syringes and pen needles must be emphasized.

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