Timely Insulinization the Basal Way


Dr Shashank Joshi, Mumbai    31 January 2018

  1. resistance, perceived complexity of insulin dose titration, demanding self-care regimens. Basal insulins continue to be the most convenient insulin to initiate, reported the ADA/EASD 2017 guideline.
  2. INSIGHT study: Basal insulin led to greater and safe A1c-lowering than OAD optimization. Basal insulin led to twice the number of patients reaching goal; greater treatment satisfaction.
  3. Starting basal insulin once-daily is safe and effective. Appropriate use of basal insulin therapy can help restore b-cell function. Ensuring effective titration can be a challenge due to hypoglycemia concerns and may cause patients to fall short of their individualized glycemic goals. Next generation basal insulins hold promise in improving the initiation experience on insulin, with stable and prolonged glycemic control beyond 24 hours and safer titration.

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