Diabetes Mellitus and Sleep Disordered Breathing


Prof (Dr) Nibedita Pani, Cuttack    31 January 2018

snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be obstructive, central or mix. OSA is the most common SDB with a prevalence of 2-4% in the general population. About 40% of people with OSA have T2DM and prevalence of OSA in diabetic patients is 23%. OSA increases the severity of T2DM independent of age and obesity. Treatment with CPAP reduces IR and improves glycemic control, thereby indicating a close relationship between diabetes and OSA. We should also consider the use of various exercises, behavioral modifications, yoga and other advanced modalities like adaptive servo-ventilation, oral appliances, etc., available in our armamentarium today and various minimally invasive in-office procedures to alleviate the complications of SDB as well as diabetes mellitus in the long run.

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