Inspirational: The seed


eMediNexus    09 October 2017

Once upon a time, there was a seed and because it was only a seed, nobody cared to notice it. Thus, gripped by a sense of inferiority, the seed gave no importance to his existence. Then one day, a wind picked him up - randomly or otherwise he didnt know - and threw him mercilessly on an open field under the sweltering sun. He was confused. Why would anything do such a thing? But instead of any copasetic answers, he was provided with rain (in addition to sunlight); sometimes in drizzles and sometimes in torrents. Meanwhile time flew and years later he saw a traveler sitting by his side. Thank you God for this.I really needed some rest, he heard the traveler say. What are you talking about? The seed promptly asked. He thought the man was making fun of him. Sure, he had witnessed many people sitting by his side - more so in recent years - but no one ever spoke to him like that. Who is this? The man was startled. This is me. The seed. The seed? The man looked at the giant tree. Are you kidding me? You are no seed. You are a tree. A goliath of a tree! Really? Yes! Why else do you think people come here? What do they come here for anyways? To feel your shade! Dont tell me you didnt know you had grown over time.A moment passed before the travelers words struck the chord of realization within him. The seed, now a prolix tree, thought and smiled for the first time in his life. The years of relentless tortures by the sun and the rain finally made sense to him. Oh! That means Im not a tiny-flimsy seed anymore! I wasnt destined to die unnoticed but was actually born to strip people of their lassitude. Wow! Now thats a life worth a thousand gems!

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