Offloading Practical Pearls for Prevention and Cure of Diabetic Foot Ulcers


Dr Ashu Rastogi, Chandigarh    01 February 2018

diabetes evaluation - foot and footwear assessment in diabetic patients with neuropathy. Although there are various methods for managing diabetic foot ulcers, offloading is the ideal management strategy. Modified footwear, such as total contact casts (TCC) have been approved by ADA. However, in tropical countries like India, these casts may cause moisture locking and thus, fungal growth. Therefore, modified TCCs may be used for Indian patients, which cover lesser area of the leg. Apart from this measure, focus on patients’ foot hygiene, use of appropriate shoes, proper gait and patient education and awareness is essential. Debridement is the key before dressing these ulcers and local antibiotics should be avoided in these dressings.

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