Problems and Solution for Screening of GDM in Less Resource Settings


Dr Bhavatharini Aruyerchelvan, Erode    01 February 2018

for the needs of the family members and sometimes domestic animals. Distance and time to travel. Lack of transport facilities. By this time, she will be hungry and may not be able to attend ANC in fasting state. Needs somebody to accompany-2 wages gone.

Solutions: Need of the Hour: Because everybody in the GH are over burdened, they always want and welcome whichever is easier and simple, at the same time useful and prevents mortality and morbidity. Indian Problem Needs Indian Solution: Because of all these practical problems, pregnant women are not able to come in fasting. Our Diabetes In Pregnancy Study Group of India (DIPSI) solves the problem that GCT can be done in fasting or nonfasting state and fulfils the expectations of FIGO & WHO, ie., in low socioeconomic countries like us - to do something in pregnant women depending on the resources available; to screen every pregnant woman for glucose abnormality becomes necessary to have diabetes free generation in future. Hence: Walk in test is the best. GCT which can be done in fasting or non fasting state, i.e., a single step procedure recommended by DIPSI and approved by Govt of India, WHO and FIGO. DIPSI was started with the motto to prevent diabetes in the community by catching early as many GDM as possible.

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