Can We Win the War Against Diabetes?


Dr Ch Vasanth Kumar, Hyderabad    01 February 2018

They have no access to specialist care and they do not regularly monitor their health status. Most of these patients have lower BMI compared to western patients. Even the pathophysiological factors may vary in these patients and they may be relatively insulin deficient. The focus should be on these patients who are poor, either living in urban slums or in rural areas. They require regular monitoring and basic medicines and insulins to control their disease and prevent complications. There is an urgent need to train our primary care doctors, both in private and government sectors. Basic facilities like glucometers and simple lab equipment should be made available to check parameters like blood glucose, creatinine and hemoglobin. Medicines should be made available at affordable costs. The research should focus on Indian patients and try to understand the peculiarities of our patients. Finally, we have to make the diabetes treatment affordable and reach out to diabetic patients.

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