Secondary Diabetes Due to Endocrinopathy


Dr Kalpana Dash, Raipur    01 February 2018

to hormone overproduction leading to counter-regulatory hormone production. This can cause overt diabetes or ketoacidosis. After surgical and medical intervention, there is improvement or remission of diabetes. The net metabolic outcome in patients with secondary diabetes depends on the direct or indirect impact of the underlying disorders on insulin secretion (i.e., inhibition or compensatory hyperinsulinemia), insulin-sensitivity (i.e., glucose utilization), and/or unmasking of genetic diabetes.

All endocrine disorders due to overproduction of hormones need screening for diabetes. There is an increased CV morbidity and mortality among these patients. Most of these patients need insulin therapy before surgical intervention and may be switched over to oral agents after surgery, or may not require treatment if complete remission is there.

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