Treatment of constipation in infants and children.


eMediNexus    03 February 2018

An article published in the Archives de Pediatrie reported that functional constipation is commonly encountered in pediatric gastroenterology clinics and treatment of this condition is often delayed with psychosocial and digestive consequences. This article discussed the treatment options for functional constipation. It was stated that hyperosmotic mineral water, diet, and endo-anal medications are not treatments for established constipation. Polyethylene-glycol (PEG) was recommended for treatment of infants over 6 months of age with confirmed constipation, while sufficient dose for a long time should be followed. In case of fecal impaction with or without fecal incontinence, it was suggested that the first stage is fecal disimpaction should be carried out by a high dose of PEG for the first few days. In addition, it was stated that education regarding toilet adaptation and daily bowel movement should restore colic motility and avoid relapses when the treatment is discontinued. The authors also emphasized upon the essentiality of evaluation and treatment of psychological concerns among children with functional constipation.

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