eSpiritual: Always respect viewpoints of others


Dr KK Aggarwal    03 February 2018

It is an old saying that one is proud of his or her own intelligence and somebody else’s partner and wealth. Most disputes occur when there is ego clash and that occurs when you want your point to be noticed by everybody. But remember that for every situation, invariably, there will be multiple opinions.

In one of my meetings, I asked my lifestyle students-cum-colleagues to imagine Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister of the country. Following were the views of various people:

  1. He is too young.
  2. He is immature.
  3. He is childish.
  4. It will be failure of democracy
  5. He has no political will.
  6. He has no strength for taking decisions.
  7. He has no experience.
  8. He is open minded.
  9. He will bring youth to politics.
  10. He has experienced team behind him.
  11. He will bring a new approach to politics etc etc.

The message is very clear: Everybody has their own perceptions and we should learn to respect them.


(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

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