Malaria can now be detected easily using Life-saving light beam


eMediNexus    11 December 2022

A team at the University of Queensland has developed a rapid, needle-free testing method for malaria that could save hundreds of thousands of lives annually. The study has been published in PNAS Nexus.


A device that flashes a harmless infrared light on a person′s finger or ear for five to ten seconds has been created by researchers. This technology gathers an infrared signature, which a computer system then analyses. This technique makes it simple and quick to determine whether a whole village or town has malaria or is infected with it. According to experts, the technology would basically change how malaria is fought globally.


The method uses infrared light to detect malaria via the skin without using chemicals or needles; it takes a quick flash on the patient′s skin to complete the procedure. Results are obtained in real-time as the equipment is operated by smartphone.


The researchers believe that technology may be used at ports of entry to screen travellers, avoiding the reintroduction of infections and reducing worldwide epidemics. They believe that technology is the first step to eliminating malaria. An added advantage of the technology is that it can also help tackle other diseases.


(Source: https://theprint.in/health/life-saving-light-beam-can-now-detect-malaria/1258470/)

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