Parliamentary Panel Recommends Regulators for the Medical Device Industry at Different Levels


PTI    12 December 2022

On Thursday, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health recommended setting up a new set of regulators at different levels for the medical device industry and establishing a National Commission on Medical Devices. The committee also stated that a commission should be set up to study the aspects of centralizing medical device licensing with the central regulator to make the approval process easier.


Based on the 138th report presented to the parliament, the panel made several other recommendations. They recommended that the Union Health Ministry prioritize transparency by amending legislation to allow citizens and experts to participate in decision-making. They added that the blueprint for the legislation should also include a 10- to 15-year roadmap with a clear policy plan and targets.


The panel stated that the ultimate goal should be "self-reliance,” and with this goal in focus, the government should try to increase the manufacturing capacity by establishing an effective regulatory regime and a liberal tax system. Additionally, they advised that the government should focus on and invest in research and development at premier technological institutions like the IITs.


The committee stated that they believe that indigenous manufacturing can only be fostered if there is the local availability of raw materials and critical components and that 80% of the country′s dependency on imported products is primarily due to a lack of high-end technology and poor availability of raw materials.

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