State government's three-month campaign helps lower anemia among women in Gurugram villages


eMediNexus    13 December 2022

The three-month initiative by the state government to reduce the prevalence of anemia in the Gurugram villages of Sultanpur, Tajnagar, and Patli Hajipur has been successful, with instances decreasing by 14%.


From June 27 to July 9, the Sultanpur, Tajnagar, and Patli Hajipur health departments screened all teenagers and women of reproductive age (15-49 years) for iron deficiency as part of a pilot project. They discovered that approximately 60% (4,059) of the screened population (6,765 people) was anemic.


Following the three-month effort, there was a 14% decrease in anemia cases in these three communities. According to officials, Anganwadi and ASHA workers motivated the recipients and changed their attitudes regarding nutrition, hygiene, and supplements. The health department staff performed 7,426 tests throughout the campaign, including 2,500 door-to-door examinations, in the three communities. A centralized command and control center was established as part of the initiative to track and monitor patient updates. Special helplines were also set up, and recipients received frequent telehealth support.


Additionally, the medical infrastructure was strengthened with mobile labs, staff was trained, and referral and emergency services were streamlined. According to officials, the program was also promoted through various physical and online media in the local tongue.


Sultanpur has been chosen among the three villages for targeted efforts to certify the village anemia-free, according to Dr. Virender Yadav, chief medical officer of Gurugram.


Several projects have been started, such as building an ecosystem in their home and village, integrating families and community leaders, and developing tech-based monitoring systems to support tracking the development of each beneficiary at an institutional level.


(Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/3-villages-see-14-dip-in-anaemia-among-women/articleshowprint/96186123.cms?val=3728)

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