First Zika virus case detected in Karnataka's Raichur


eMediNexus    13 December 2022

On Monday, the health minister of Karnataka, Mr. K Sudhakar, said that a five-year-old girl from Kolicamp in Manvi taluk, Raichur district was the first confirmed Zika virus patient in the state. 


The health minister stated that three specimens were sent to Pune for a Zika virus test on December 5. On December 8, a five-year-old girl tested positive, while the other two were negative, and the case was being tracked.


The girl was brought to Raichur′s government-run Sindhanur hospital with a high fever and a headache. She was then shifted to Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences, Ballari, for additional care, where she fully recovered and was released on November 18.


In Raichur and the surrounding districts, surveillance personnel have been advised that samples from patients who are hospitalized with notifiable illnesses must be sent to Pune for a Zika virus test. The minister announced that the government would soon issue a set of regulations on how to deal with any circumstance brought on by the Zika virus infection.


Dr. Chandrashekarayya, the taluk health officer in Manvi, reported that a team from the district health department, the National Center for Disease Control in Delhi, and other research teams visited Kolicamp on Monday to check on the kids. Along with fogging the region, they also gathered blood samples from children and expectant mothers. Health professionals and doctors are also travelling to communities to educate residents on how to avoid mosquito bites and to encourage them to seek medical attention if they experienced symptoms like fever or other illnesses.


The minister said that currently there are no other cases, and there is no reason to fear. He also noted that the administration is carefully assessing the situation.


(Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bengaluru/raichur-girl-is-karnatakas-first-zika-virus-case/articleshowprint/96183534.cms?val=3728)

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