Private Hospital in Chennai Was Ordered to Pay Rs 11.2 Lakhs for Medical Negligence


Dt Next Bureau    15 December 2022

On Wednesday, the Chengalpattu Consumer Court ordered a private hospital in Chennai to compensate a man who lost his 55-year-old wife owing to the alleged medical malpractice for Rs 11.2 lakh in damages. The compensation included the cost of the operation (Rs 6 lakh) and the legal fees (Rs 5 lakh). 


In the hearing, the court pointed out that it is customary for two transplant surgeons and a heart expert to be present for the transplant; however, this standard was not followed in the patient’s case.


Mr. Gopala Krishnan brought his wife, Mrs. Sudha, to MIOT Hospitals in 2012 as an outpatient because she had started experiencing kidney-related problems. In 2013, he volunteered to give one of his kidneys to his wife after learning that both of her kidneys were no longer functional. However, due to bleeding at the operation site a few months after the kidney transplant, the patient developed several complications. As a result, Mr. Krishnan admitted his wife once more to MIOT Hospitals, where she passed away a short time later.


Mr. Krishnan filed a lawsuit against the hospital, alleging negligence, at the Chengalpattu Consumer Court after the death of his wife. She passed away, alleging negligence. 

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