Is it essential to disclose the names of the members of a surgical team?


eMediNexus    15 December 2022

Not disclosing the names of doctors in the surgical team may amount to deficiency of service.


In a judgement, the Kerala State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission presiding members M.K. Abdulla Sona and A. Radha directed the Travancore-Cochin Medical Councils-Kerala (TCMC-K) to instruct all doctors to display their medical council registration numbers on their signboards and quote the registration numbers in all prescriptions and case sheets. The commission stated that mentioning the registration number in the doctors’ prescriptions, case-sheets and signboards would help patients obtain all the information they need about the doctor, including if they had the required qualifications. The commission also stated that the patient has the right to know the details of every doctor who accompanied the leader of the surgical team, including the anesthesiologist. Denying this would be considered as deficiency of service and unfair trade practice under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

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