Covid Induced Mucormycosis was Caused by Glucocorticoid, and Zinc Supplements


eMediNexus    21 December 2022

According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the administration of glucocorticoids and zinc supplementation in the treatment of COVID-19 was significantly associated with CAM. The case-control study was carried out in 25 hospitals across India, including PGI and Chandigarh.


The study was designed to determine if COVID-19 treatment practices, such as glucocorticoids, zinc, tocilizumab, and others, were the cause of CAM in the Indian population. 1,733 participants who were diagnosed with CAM were enrolled in the study. The findings of the study showed that the cumulative glucocorticoid dose and zinc supplementation, along with elevated C-reactive protein and factors such as renal transplantation, diabetes mellitus, and diabetic ketoacidosis during COVID, increased the risk of developing CAM.


At 12 weeks, the mortality rate of CAM during the first wave of COVID infection was 32.2%. Meanwhile, in the second wave, a large number of cases of CAM were reported, primarily in India. In this outbreak, diabetes mellitus and glucocorticoids were identified as risk factors for CAM. The study established that the wide variation in prescription practice, over-the-counter availability of drugs, and use of different formulations and dosages have led to the formation of an imbalanced dose-response relationship between zinc and CAM.


As a result, the study emphasized the judicious use of COVID-19 therapies and optimal glycemic control to prevent CAM. Additionally, based on the findings during the second wave, researchers recommended that the use of glucocorticoids be avoided for COVID-19 patients who were not experiencing hypoxemia. Moreover, even in the case of hypoxemic COVID-19 patients, glucocorticoids should be used judiciously. 


(Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/chandigarh/glucocorticoid-zinc-supplement-caused-cam-study-462969 )

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