Myocardial contractile patterns predict future cardiac events in sarcoidosis.


eMediNexus    15 September 2017

The main goal of a new study published in The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging was the risk stratification of cardiac sarcoidosis (CS). In this study, 84 consecutive sarcoidosis patients who were referred for echocardiographic studies for cardiac symptoms or abnormal electrocardiograms, were evaluated. The results revealed that among 54 patients without previous diagnosis of CS or other known structural heart disease, 13 reached endpoints during 24 months follow up. In their original echocardiograms, in 13 of 17 left ventricular segments, clustering in the free wall, interventricular septum, and apex, significantly impaired peak systolic longitudinal strain were identified. In addition, the regional (including 13 clustered segments) peak systolic longitudinal strain (RPSLS) were notably impaired in patients with endpoints, compared with those without. Furthermore, RPSLS was independently associated with endpoints. Receiver operating characteristic curve suggested a cut-off RPSLS value of -15.0% (84.6% sensitivity and 86.8% specificity) to predict the occurrence of endpoints. Thus, it was stated that impaired RPSLS correlates with risk of adverse cardiac events in patients with extra-cardiac sarcoidosis.

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