A Review of Platelet-Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Dermatologic Disorders


eMediNexus Editorial    06 January 2023

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) encompasses anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties via angiogenesis, cell differentiation, and proliferation. Although studied in many dermatologic conditions, its efficacy needs to be better understood. 


A recent study by Pixley JN. et al. reviewed the use and effectiveness of PRP for dermatologic conditions. They performed a literature search through PubMed and yielded 54 articles published between January 2000 and November 2021.


They found intradermal injections to be associated with increased hair density in androgenic alopecia. They also found reports on the successful treatment of inflammatory nail diseases with PRP. The literature search also described improvement in psoriasis with PRP but cited only two studies. 


PRP showed an association with higher patient self-assessment scores of photoaging and fine lines. PRP used for treating melasma showed an association with improved subjective satisfaction but not with objective measures of disease improvement. 


The investigators thus found PRP to be a safe and potentially effective adjunct for treating hair loss, vitiligo, non-healing wounds, photoaging, and acne scars. However, PRP research needs standardization of PRP preparation protocols, inconsistent clinical endpoints, and frequent combination treatments. 


Yet, it can be reasonably concluded that PRP is relatively non-invasive, has a well-established safety profile, and possesses high patient satisfaction since they perceive great benefit from treatment with PRP.


Pixley JN, Cook MK, Singh R, Larrondo J, McMichael AJ. A Comprehensive Review of Platelet-Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Dermatologic Disorders. Journal of Dermatological Treatment. 2022. DOI: 10.1080/09546634.2022.2142035

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