2022 Marked the Rise of Multiple Infections which are here to Stay


eMediNexus    02 January 2023

Amidst the fear of the fourth COVID wave in the country, the Health Ministry has taken several actions, such as mock drills, asking pharma companies to ensure adequate supplies, and making RT-PCR tests mandatory for those coming from five countries. Several experts commented as the year 2023 began that the year 2022 served as a reminder that India faces not only the threat of COVID infection but also the threat of other viruses.


They revealed that the COVID-19 trajectory in India experienced a sharp increase during March–May 2021; however, since May 2021, the trajectory has witnessed a considerable and sustained decline owing to the Indian governments five-fold strategy. The strategy of test-track-treat-vaccinate and COVID-appropriate behavior was able to limit the disease progression to 32,775 cases per million and 389 deaths per million people (as of November 25, 2022).


Commenting on the other infections, they stated that 2022 proved that COVID-19 is not the only virus that causes worry. India also witnessed cases of monkeypox, tomato flu, black fungus, and measles, as well as a lumpy skin disease in cattle.


According to Dr. Suneela Garg of the HAG Ministry of Health and a member of the Lancet Commission on COVID-19, these viruses were always present, but the COVID infection brought them to light. He reasoned that everyone’s immune system was compromised due to the pandemic, and that is why such viral diseases came to light.


Speaking about the monkeypox infection, Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan, Co-Chairman of the National Indian Medical Association COVID Taskforce, stated that although the monkeypox created a scare after quickly spreading to multiple countries at once, it was the first global outbreak.


Additionally, he stated that tomato flu created unwarranted anxiety among the public as it is a benign, self-limiting illness caused by a parvovirus that spreads among children periodically in many countries. He pointed out that the dengue virus, which is endemic to India, is still on the rise and causing symptoms such as fever, body aches, etc. 


(Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/2022-saw-the-rise-of-multiple-viral-infections-that-are-here-to-stay/96663738 )

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