Study reveals constant ingestion of microplastics by children hampering their overall development


eMediNexus    03 January 2023

A shocking study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives revealed that microplastics had been found to pass through the placenta into developing newborns.


Microplastics include plastic, and other toxic substances like phthalates and metals used for colour, stability, or biocide. When left outdoors, the core of the microplastics, gets frequently coated with air pollution and exhaust from moving vehicles. 


Children′s health may be at risk from exposure to nano- and microplastics, which so tiny that they can enter the placenta deep into the lungs. They also carry hazardous materials on their route. The latest research indicates that children today may begin absorbing microplastics into their bodies as early as the prenatal stage.


Parents can reduce the amount of plastic their children are exposed to by making sure their food is packaged in as little plastic as possible, cleaning the house, selecting hygiene products with less plastic, and selecting building materials that dont contain PVC or other plastics when making home renovations.


According to the study, local and national government agencies can work together to keep societal plastic consumption to a minimum. The team suggests being extra cautious and ensuring that plastic leaching doesn′t affect the numerous plastic products manufactured for children and women. Hence all possible precautions should be taken.


(Source: https://studyfinds.org/children-ingesting-microplastics/)

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