India is Considering a Second Covid Booster Even When the First Dose's Coverage is Still Insufficient


Vaamanaa Sethi    07 January 2023

The central government has already started taking preventive measures amidst the rising number of COVID cases across the globe. Over the past few days, several new variants like XBB.1.14 and BF.7 have been reported across India. As a result, the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) is considering rolling out a second booster dose or the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine for the Indian population.


In a closed virtual meeting with Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, the Union Health Minister and former president of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Jaya Lele recommended that the government approve a fourth COVID-19 vaccine for people, especially healthcare workers. However, in between the ongoing discussions about the feasibility of the fourth COVID jab, the center is also taking steps to boost the coverage of the first booster dose across the country.


According to several reports, people in some states are reluctant to take their precautionary dose. In addition, a Local Circles poll found that 64% of Indians are hesitant to take the COVID booster dosage. The survey conducted in West Bengal revealed the rising rates of heart attacks in young people as the major reason given by the public. The government representative added that people′s resistance will lead to the expiration of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of January. On the other hand, states like Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are reporting a shortage in vaccination dosage due to increased demand.

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