Topical prebiotics/postbiotics and PRURISCORE validation in atopic dermatitis.


eMediNexus    13 January 2023

The present study investigated the efficacy and tolerability of a cream (Rilastil Xerolact PB) containing a mixture of prebiotics and postbiotics and validated the PRURISCORE itch scale in managing atopic dermatitis.


The study enrolled 396 subjects of both sexes in three age groups (i.e., infants, children, and adults) suffering from mild/moderate Atopic Dermatitis and followed them for three months.


The study observed-


  • Good efficacy combined with good/very good tolerability of the product in all age groups.
  • Significant decrease in SCORAD, PRURISCORE, and IGA scores throughout the study.
  • Preference for PRURISCORE over VAS by the vast majority of patients.


Although this study did not formally demonstrate the role of prebiotics and postbiotics since these substances were part of a complex formulation, it clearly indicated that prebiotics and postbiotics have safety and standardization features that probiotics do not have. Additionally, they are approved by regulatory authorities, while topical probiotics are not.


Gelmetti C, Rigoni C, Cantù AM, et al. Topical prebiotics/postbiotics and PRURISCORE validation in atopic dermatitis. International study of 396 patients. Journal of Dermatological Treatment. 2022. DOI: 10.1080/09546634.2022.2131703

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