WHO Issues Alert: 2 India Made Cough Syrups Linked To the Death of 19 Kids in Uzbekistan


India Today Web Desk    12 January 2023

The World Health Organization has sounded an alert against two cough syrups made by the Noida-based company Marion Biotech. In a statement released by the global health regulator, they stated that AMBRONOL syrup and DOK-1 Max syrup made by India′s Marion Biotech should not be used for children. They have linked the two syrups to the deaths of 19 kids in Uzbekistan.


They revealed that the laboratory analysis of the sample showed an unacceptable amount of diethylene glycol and/or ethylene. The agency warned against four contaminated syrups produced by the same company in December 2022. They stated that the syrups led to acute kidney injuries and the deaths of 66 children in Gambia.


Additionally, the Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration department has suspended the production license of Marion Biotech after the alert was released.

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