Hybrid Immunity Can Prevent Indians from Variants Driving the Surge in China


Swati Shinde Gole    16 January 2023

On Sunday, Dr. Shekhar Mande, former director general of CSIR, and immunologist Dr. Arvind Sahu from the National Centre for Cell Science stated that the Omicron subvariant wreaking havoc in China is not a major concern for the Indian population due to the hybrid immunity developed by them. However, in the lecture titled "Resurgence in Covid," they stated the country has already gone through an Omicron wave, which is the parent strain of the variant triggering the spike in China.


Dr. Mande stated that the large vaccine coverage in India has added to the protection and eventually reduced the rate of serious symptoms. However, both of them did not dismiss the possibility of new infections. They reasoned that as COVID progresses, the rate might slow down, but people should take precautions to avoid serious outcomes.


Dr. Sahu advised that precautions such as masking and distancing are important as we might see another wave in India, but fatalities and hospitalisations will be much less. Hence, masking, sanitization, and other precautions are the best ways to limit the spread. 

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