FSSAI contracted labelblind to research the baseline nutritional value of packaged food goods


eMediNexus    18 January 2023

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the nation′s top food regulator, assigned FoLSol to all the packed food items. FoLSol was assigned using LabelBlind, India′s first food labeling and regulatory compliance digital food rating platform, to study the baseline nutritional values of packaged food products in light of the significance and increased need for the front-of-pack labeling of packaged food products.


The statistical outcomes of LabelBlind′s study will be later used to propose regulations for India′s first front-of-pack labeling of packaged food goods with nutrition star ratings. The law, whenever it is implemented, will educate customers about nutrition and direct them toward making healthier food choices.


Their food rating system assigned nutrition scores ranging from 1 (least healthy) to 5 for 8,000 high-consumption packaged food items in 140 food categories (healthiest). FoLSol was first developed in 2020–21 to strengthen food regulation compliance with a digital labeling model that is accurate, quick, and affordable.


At present, LabelBlind is striving to produce global export labeling software with adherence to international regulations and is networking with food companies to know the digitization needs for the product, which will be ready to use from day one.


Mrs. Rashida Vapiwala, the creator of LabelBlind, stated that food ecology is what determines the health and well-being of residents of a country. According to governmental rules, labeling compliance is essentially required. 


(Source: https://hospitality.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/operations/food-and-beverages/fssai-assigned-labelblind-to-study-baseline-nutrition-values-of-packed-food-products/97055781 )

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