Exposure to Salmonella Linked to Colon Cancer: Study


eMediNexus    18 January 2023

A new study published in the journal Cell Reports Medicine suggests that colon cancer risk and Salmonella bacteria exposure may be linked. The study′s authors examined data from a retrospective study of colon cancer patients conducted in the Netherlands. They discovered that tissue samples collected after regular colon cancer surgery that had salmonella antibodies originated from individuals who had less favorable outcomes.


In the study, they observed that when the cells were exposed to Salmonella, the tumor growth was accelerated and the size of the tumor increased. Additionally, they observed enhanced salmonella translocation to the tumors. The researchers explained that Salmonella′s hijacking of critical host signaling pathways during infection results in neoplastic transformation. 


(Source: https://theprint.in/health/study-finds-exposure-to-salmonella-was-linked-with-colon-cancers/1320121/ )

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