NIMHANS Develops First-of-Its-Kind Tool to Assess Workplace Stress


TNN    19 January 2023

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS) has created the TAWS-16 instrument, which employers can now use to assess their employees′ work-related stress value. TAWS-16 is the first instrument in India to solely assess work-related stress, even though several businesses are already evaluating their employees′ stress levels in a variety of ways.


Depending on the results provided by the tool, businesses can change their rules in a way that will increase productivity and the happiness of their workers. The toll developed by NIMHANS is available as a web link and a mobile app in multiple languages for free.


According to several reports, work stress has been linked to a variety of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including mental illnesses, diabetes, and hypertension. Dr. Gautham M. S. of the NIMHANS Center for Public Health stated that the TAWS questionnaire can be completed by an employee in five minutes. It evaluates a variety of workplace stresses related to an employee′s position within the company, opportunities for professional growth, the atmosphere and resources of the company, and work-life balance.


He added that the questionnaire includes questions concerning deadlines, multitasking, receiving assistance from superiors, etc. The instrument evaluates the person′s ability to manage stress as well as any potential psychosomatic symptoms. He added that, as per the tool, people who are experiencing moderate stress should participate in a lengthy stress management training program.


Meanwhile, people with mild job stress should consider and take part in ongoing assessments and counseling. Lastly, for those who encounter high occupational stress, the evaluation recommends counseling, stress management classes, and clinical screening for NCD risk.

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