With the Patent Expiring, Indian Companies Offering More Affordable Version of the Cardiac Drug


Rupali Mukherjee    19 January 2023

After the patent protection of Valsartan expired on January 16, several domestic drug manufacturers, including Glenmark and Lupin, introduced generic copies of this popular cardiology medicine for a portion of the cost charged by the creator, Novartis.


Last year, Dr. Reddy′s and JB Chemicals purchased Novartis′ cardiovascular brands, Cidmus and Azmarda, and both saw significant price reductions. JB Chemicals, a company located in Mumbai, was among the first to announce a price drop on Azmarda by around 50% in December.


Patients with heart failure and "low ejection fraction" are advised to use the combination of Valsartan and Sacubitril, which was covered by a Novartis patent. The World Health Organization (WHO) has predicted that by 2030, cardiovascular disease (CV) would be responsible for nearly 35% of all deaths in India.


Heart failure is a chronic, progressive illness marked by a decline in quality of life and functional status. Worldwide, an estimated 23 million people struggle with heart failure. At present, more than 1% of the population in India is thought to be affected.

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