India launches U-WIN to digitize India's universal immunization program


eMediNexus    24 January 2023

The success of the Co-WIN platform motivated the government to reproduce it and create U-WIN, an electronic registration for routine vaccines. 


The Universal Immunization Program (UIP) in India has been digitalized through the U-WIN program, deployed in two districts in each state and union territory as a trial program. On January 11, U-WIN was launched in 65 districts. The U-WIN will serve as a central repository for data on immunization services, including updates on vaccination status, delivery outcomes, planning of RI sessions, and reports like antigen-wise coverage. The platform will register and vaccinate every pregnant woman, document the delivery date of every newborn, give them the birth dosages, and document all subsequent immunization.


An official explained that all the expectant mothers and new babies would have digital registrations for personalized tracking of vaccinations, reminders for forthcoming doses, and follow-up on dropouts. Healthcare professionals and program managers can generate real-time data about routine immunization sessions and vaccination coverage for better planning and vaccination distribution.


All states and districts can access a shared database to track and immunize beneficiaries. A vaccine acknowledgment and immunization card linked to an ABHA ID (Ayushman Bharat Heath Account) will be generated for children and pregnant women. Additionally, users of the platform can schedule appointments and look up nearby ongoing routine immunization sessions. Additionally, once the entire immunization program is digitalized, beneficiaries will receive certificates immediately and have the option to download them. Digi-lockers will be used to store these certificates.


The entire vaccination system, including the records, will be converted to digital format, making beneficiary tracking easier. The functionality and goals of U-WIN have been made clear to all states and UTs, and staff members and healthcare professionals have received training on all U-WIN modules. 


An efficient monitoring system will contribute to building an evidence basis that will facilitate the development and implementation of efficient actions.


(Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/after-co-win-govt-launches-u-win-to-digitise-indias-universal-immunisation-programme-473039)

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