Heart Age Can be Reduced by 10 Years Thanks to an Anti-Aging Gene


eMediNexus    25 January 2023

According to a study published in the journal Cardiovascular Research, the biological age of the human body can be reduced by 10 years thanks to an anti-aging gene found in a community of centenarians. The finding of the study conducted by researchers from the University of Bristol and the MultiMedica Group in Italy offered a potential target for those who have heart failure.


In this new work, researchers showed that one of these beneficial mutant genes, which have previously been found to be particularly common in centenarians, can shield cells taken from patients needing cardiac transplants due to heart failure.


The study′s primary author, Dr. Monica Cattaneo, a researcher with the MultiMedica Group in Milan, Italy, stated that pericytes, or cells that support the growth of new blood vessels, were found to be particularly old and less functional in the elderly patients. The elderly heart failure patients′ cardiac cells have started working normally after the addition of the longevity gene or protein to heart tissues, demonstrating that they are more effective at growing new blood vessels.


It is a known fact that centenarians give their offspring healthy genes, but the study showed that the heart-protective genes that were detected in centenarians could be passed on to unrelated individuals. The senior author of the study stated that the results of the study have demonstrated that the healthy mutant gene can repair the deterioration in cardiac performance in ageing individuals.


(Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/diagnostics/research-anti-ageing-gene-shown-to-rewind-heart-age-by-10-years/97278113 )

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