Hormone Replacement Therapy helpful in Alzheimer's Dementia prevention among women


eMediNexus    28 January 2023

A recent study showed that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) might lower the risk of Alzheimers Dementia disease among women.


In order to track participants′ brain health over time, researchers examined data from 1,178 women who participated in the European Prevention of Alzheimer′s Dementia initiative. The experiment involved 10 nations and followed the participants brains from "healthy" to dementia diagnosis in certain cases. The research team examined their findings to see how HRT would affect women with the APOE4 genotype. If participants were above 50 and dementia-free, they were included in the study.


They used MRI images to examine relationships between cognition and brain volume. They looked at how smaller brain volume and poorer cognitive function predict the likelihood of dementia in the future.


Researchers discovered that among at-risk APOE4 gene carriers, HRT use is linked to superior memory and greater brain sizes in later life. The correlations became most evident when HRT was started early, during the perimenopausal  phase.


They concluded that the next phase of the study would involve conducting an intervention trial to verify the effect of early HRT initiation on cognition and brain health. It will be crucial to determine and analyze which HRT type will be most helpful.


(Source:  https://theprint.in/health/hrt-could-ward-off-alzheimers-among-at-risk-women-research/1336977/)

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