FSSAI framing strict rules for front of pack nutrition labelling (FOPL) of packaged foods


Shambhavi Anand    31 January 2023

A senior official said that India′s food safety agency is in discussions with the companies to add a "cautionary warning" on the quantity of added salt, sugar, and fat to the front labelling of packaged foods, along with the proposed star rating system, to assist people make better decisions.


Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is developing rules for packaged food′s front-of-pack nutrition labelling (FOPL). The senior official suggested including a notice / "cautionary notice" to explain how much (of a specific item) can be ingested in a single day similar to the disclaimers found on the front of liquor bottles.


This proposed change has been opposed by makers of packaged foods, claiming it will harm their industry.


After considering various labelling options, the authority selected the star rating system to describe the food items′ level of healthiness based on their salt, sugar, and fat content. This decision was made in light of the study carried out by IIM-Ahmedabad, which the FSSAI commissioned to produce a thorough report on the impact on consumers of front-of-labeling for packaged and processed foods in India.

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