Greenpeace India Demands an Update in the Air Quality Regulations


eMediNexus    04 February 2023

On Friday, the activists from Greenpeace India and others gathered at the CPCB office to call for an immediate revision of the national air quality guidelines, claiming that they do not adequately account for the effects of air pollution on human health. 


The protesters gathered to draw attention to the shortcomings of the current National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The activists were holding placards and banners that read "Air Pollution Se Azadi" (freedom from air pollution), "Raise Your Standards," and "Clean Air is a Fundamental Right."


According to a statement released by the organization, Greenpeace India volunteers visited many of Delhis renowned locations over the course of the previous week while wearing gas masks and Hazmat suits to raise awareness about the dangerous air quality in the national capital.


They stated that India continues to have yearly pollution concentration guidelines of 40 g/m3 for PM2.5 and NO2, which is eight times higher than WHO standards of 5 g/m3 for particulate matter and 10 g/m3 for NO2.


Climate and energy campaigner with Greenpeace India, Mrs. Amruta S. Nair, stated that "air pollution has arisen as a significant health catastrophe in India and a financial disaster affecting millions of people." She added that the existing regulations do not consider the most recent findings on how air pollution affects peoples health, particularly those of vulnerable populations including children, the elderly, women, daily wage workers, especially those who work outdoors and sexual minorities. 


(Source: https://www.theweek.in/wire-updates/national/2023/02/03/des26-dl-greenpeace-air-quality.html)

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