Future hospitals to act with smart infrastructure


eMediNexus    07 February 2023

Now that the pandemic has finally passed, the globe is beginning to recover and return to normal. In order to tackle systemic inefficiencies, the global healthcare industry has recently started to use technology.


The emergence of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized every industry, and its application in the healthcare sector is already changing the general patient experience and how pharmaceutical companies and hospitals run their businesses. AI is an important area of innovation, particularly in hospitals.


Better patient and staff experience: AI provides a wide range of these experiences, including employing AI to review images to speed up patient testing and diagnosis while lowering the likelihood of misdiagnosis. 


Modern hospitals are improving the patient experience by monitoring patients with cameras and sensors to lower the chance of falls for patients who are vulnerable and actively monitoring patients to notify healthcare practitioners of any clinical changes.


By using portable Edge computing devices that can collect, store, produce, and analyze critical patient data, we can deliver top-notch healthcare to remote rural locations.


Predictive Care using AI: AI will help future medical professionals and healthcare systems will be able to predict when a person is at risk of having a chronic condition and provide preventive actions before they get worse. 


Real-time; real results: In a hospital, IT/OT integration allows medical devices to communicate and share patient data via IoT connections for real-time visibility, improving patient analysis and results. According to estimates, nearly one-third of smart gadgets now on the market are found in healthcare facilities.


Thus AI provides an integrated and thorough breadth of expertise in each healthcare facility domain.


(Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/hospitals/the-importance-of-ai-for-future-ready-hospitals/97672951)

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