Experts Emphasize the Need for Treaty to End Irresponsible Milk Formula Marketing


eMediNexus    08 February 2023

The authors of a Lancet research paper have urged for stronger international breastfeeding support policies as well as a global agreement to stop political lobbying and "irresponsible" marketing of formula milk. Less than half of infants worldwide are breastfed, and sales of formula milk are rising despite the fact that formula feeding does not provide the same advantages for nutrition, health, and development as breastfeeding.

According to the Lancet 2023 Series on Breastfeeding, formula milk manufacturers misuse scientific data and prey on parents emotions in order to increase sales at the expense of womens rights, families, and childrens health.

Dr. Nigel Rollins, co-author of the WHO series, stated that the sale of commercial milk formula is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs political lobbying in addition to a sophisticated and very effective marketing strategy to turn parents and carers concerns into a profit center. However, he added that, as per the exploitative marketing practises of the commercial milk formula sector, many women who wish to breastfeed encounter numerous difficulties, including a lack of parental leave and assistance in healthcare institutions and at the workplace.

In order to safeguard mothers and families health and wellbeing, the series argues that voluntary adherence to the Code is insufficient and asks for an international legal convention on the commercial marketing of infant feeding items. The paper noted that in order to support women who desire to breastfeed more successfully, "broader efforts across workplaces, healthcare, governments, and communities are needed in addition to removing the marketing strategies and industry power of formula milk firms." 

(Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/policy/need-treaty-to-end-irresponsible-marketing-of-formula-milk/97712763 )

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