Researchers Reveal that Marriage Can Aid in Maintaining Low Blood Sugar Levels


eMediNexus    08 February 2023

According to a study published online in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, people who live with a partner have a higher chance of being healthy in terms of maintaining lower blood sugar levels, regardless of how friendly or hostile their relationship is. The researchers discovered that having a spouse or cohabiting partner may be an important relationship and a source of social support and/or pressure for people in their mid- to late-life health.

Several studies have found links between the risk of type 2 diabetes and a number of social health factors, such as social isolation, loneliness, housing arrangements, social support, and the size of ones social network. However, because the consequences of each distinct social health factor are complex, a group of researchers from Canada and Luxembourg decided to look into whether there was a link between older persons average glycemic levels and marital status and quality.

In the study, the researchers employed biomarker information from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA), a population-based sample of English-residing people 50 years of age and older and their partners, from whom data are gathered every two years with biomarker information obtained every other wave. The sample consisted of individuals without a history of diabetes between the ages of 50 and 89 in wave 2 (2004–2005), the first wave for which ELSA had biomarker data.

For the study, the participants were asked if they were married, cohabiting, or had a partner, along with questions about their marital status. They were given a series of questions aimed at gauging their level of social stress and social support.

Overall, the studys findings revealed that marital or cohabiting relationships were inversely related to HbA1c levels regardless of spousal support or strain dimensions. The HbA1c values above the pre-diabetes cut-off point also seemed to be protected by these associations. 

(Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/health/being-married-may-help-people-maintain-lower-blood-sugar-levels-research-477507 )

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