IMA Opposes Proposal on Teaching Ayurveda to MBBS Students


PTI    09 February 2023

On Tuesday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) criticised the alleged plan by Haryana Health Minister. Mr. Anil Vij to teach Ayurveda to MBBS students. Calling the move "mixopathy," the agency stated that this can lead to unintended consequences and put the country′s health care delivery system in grave danger.


The agency asserted that system mixing would also lead to the demise of the Ayurvedic system. They added that the hybridization of medical education would produce corrupt doctors. Since the Indian Medical Council Act of 1956 has been repealed, the National Medical Commission Act of 2019 has been in place to regulate medical education.


As a result, the IMA stated that no state government is in any way permitted to interfere with the nations medical education on its own because education, including medical education, is not a subject covered in the "State List" in the seventh schedule attached to the Constitution of India. The IMA declared: "Therefore, the above-mentioned statement of the Minister is unlawful, unfortunate, and unjustified." 

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