Study shows Virtual reality exercise session may alleviate pain in women with endometriosis


eMediNexus    12 February 2023

Approximately 10 % of women of reproductive age worldwide are affected by endometriosis. According to a recent study, women with endometriosis can benefit from short-term pain alleviation through virtual reality (VR) exercise sessions. The study was released in the ″Caring Futures″ publication.


For the study, 22 Australian women with endometriosis were divided into three groups: a VR exercise group, a telehealth exercise group, and a control group. The degree of their pelvic pain was evaluated using the visual analogue scale (VAS).


The results suggest that both digital health interventions may lessen pelvic pain experienced by women with endometriosis because pain increases experienced by virtual reality and telehealth participants may not be as severe as those in the control group.


These findings align with a prior study that showed patients with endometriosis and chronic pain could experience pain relief after a 10- to 20-minute VR session. The previous study found that the VR group′s global pain scores decreased by 36.7% less than the control group over the intervention period.


Experts stated that no statistically significant difference in pain scores between the three groups was seen in the current study. Still, this pilot trial offers crucial data on the potential advantages of these digital health interventions and a larger, more costly full-scale study on evaluating possible future treatment alternatives.


(Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/lifestyle/health/virtual-reality-exercise-session-may-relieve-pain-in-endometriosis-study-101676105632138.htm)

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