'Rare' Quadruple Joint Replacement Procedure was Successfully Performed at AIIMS Bhubaneswar


Zee Media Bureau    14 February 2023

On Sunday, February 12, a quadruple joint replacement procedure was completed on a crippled patient from the Kendrapada district. According to a statement from AIIMS Bhubaneswar, doctors performed surgery on a 37-year-old woman`s hip and knee joints in one setting. The patient was brought to AIIMS Bhubaneswar with a complaint of highly painful arthritic knee and hip joints on both sides.


The doctors revealed that there were no movements in the hip joints, and she had very little movement in both knees. As a result, she needed replacement surgeries for all four joints. The doctors added that performing four joint replacements at once presents several difficulties for both the patient and the surgeon.


Another doctor stated that the knee replacements were carried out after the hip replacements. He also noted that ample pain relief was given as the patient was handled in the ICU for two days. He further added that the patient had started walking three days after surgery.


This is the first case of its kind in Odisha and the second instance in the world where all four joints were replaced at once. Additionally, the doctors from AIIMS Bhubaneswar were praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for "always being at the forefront of innovation" in response to the breakthrough.

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