Chennai reports incidences of pre-surgical anxiety among one in every 10 patients


eMediNexus    14 February 2023

Pre-surgical anxiety affects at least one out of every ten patients, and moderate anxiety affects more than a quarter. According to a city-based study, in Chennai women are more likely than men to have preoperative anxiety, which has a major impact on surgical outcomes.


The findings were published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results. Six questions were posed to at least 429 Bharath Medical College and Hospital patients who participated in the study between November 2021 and August 2022. 


The results of surgery are significantly impacted by preoperative anxiety. It might elevate the heart rate, causing bleeding more quickly. Additionally, it can result in a greater need for postoperative pain medication. Results showed that only 10% of patients scored below 6 and were classified as "not nervous," leaving 90% of patients with varying degrees of anxiety. It was mild in roughly 48% of individuals, while in 13%, it was severe.


Additionally, scientists discovered that characteristics including age, sex, and educational background affected anxiety levels. Women were more nervous than men. Men only made up around 12% of those with severe anxiety, compared to about 14% of women.


Only 5% of women and 16% of males reported no anxiety. Individuals with incomes and those without surgery before were more nervous. For instance, compared to 52 out of 252 (20%) individuals who had never had surgery, just four out of 176 participants (2.2%) who had previously undergone surgery experienced extreme anxiety. Among 163 people with only primary education, 3 had anxiety.


Experts stated that preoperative anxiety significantly affects the results of surgical procedures. Hence, physicians have been advised to assess levels and provide adequate anxiolytic premedication to lessen anxiety and look into the different factors responsible for anxiety among patients.


(Source:  https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/one-in-10-suffers-from-pre-surgical-anxiety-in-chennai/97898693)

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