Child Sexual Abuse


eMediNexus    16 February 2023

  • The age of a child for the purpose of Child Sexual Abuse is defined up to 18 years.
  • Children represent 42% of Indian population. Up to 50% of children face sexual abuse during childhood and 21.9% of children face severe sexual abuse (penetrative) during childhood.
  • About 50-90% of children are sexually assaulted by someone known to the child.
  • Sexual harassment means sexual assault in public place.
  • A new trend is youngsters indulging in child sexual abuse (as abuser).
  • One abuser on an average abuses 21 children.
  • Always suspect child sexual abuse in cases of non-accidental fracture or non-accidental burns.
  • Child Sexual Abuse is a medicolegal emergency.
  • Medical doctors can examine a victim of child sexual abuse without police requisition.
  • No medical practitioner, hospital or other medical facility centre rendering emergency medical care to a child shall demand any legal or magisterial requisition or other documentation as a pre-requisite to rendering such care.
  • Various Laws Governing Child Sexual Abuse: POCSO (2012), CLA (2013) (Amendment), Indian Penal Code, CrPC, IEA (Indian Evidence Act); 2015 MoH Guidelines; 2013 WCD Guidelines and Various Court judgments.

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