COPD Diagnosis Easier with "CAPTURE" Screening


eMediNexus    16 February 2023

Research published in JAMA demonstrated that a novel tool,” CAPTURE” has the potential to assist primary care physicians in identifying patients with undiagnosed (COPD).


The goal of the COPD Assessment in Primary Care to Identify Undiagnosed Respiratory Disease & Exacerbation Risk (CAPTURE) is to identify persons with COPD symptoms that are severe enough to be treated but who have not yet been given a diagnosis. 


The study included 4,325 participants aged 45 to 80, among which 2.5% (110 participants) developed moderate to severe COPD at the end of the study. 53 of these cases, or 48%, were discovered by “CAPTURE”. The screening aims to identify people who would benefit from COPD testing rather than diagnosis of COPD. Though spirometry remains the gold standard for detecting COPD, researchers are looking into ways to increase CAPTUREs accuracy. 


“CAPTURE” screening involves responding to the five questions being asked about their breathing, exposure to chemicals, and exposure to air pollution. To evaluate peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), or the force of exhalation or lung function, those with medium scores of 2-4, indicating moderate breathing difficulties, have an in-office breathing test. Higher questionnaire scores of 5 or 6 bypass the PEFR test and are immediately sent to COPD testing. Adults with a PEFR of fewer than 350 L/min for men and less than 250 L/min for women are tested for COPD.


One advantage of CAPTURE screening is that it provides information to doctors and help in further evaluation of patients with respiratory issues. The analysis found that 1 out of every 81 “CAPTURE” screens would reveal an adult with curable but undiagnosed COPD.


Currently, researchers are examining whether making simple adjustments, such as changing or adding questions, could increase the tools accuracy and help identify even more COPD patients. More studies are needed to determine whether using CAPTURE will lead to better patient health outcomes.


(Source: https://theprint.in/health/new-screening-tool-aims-to-help-in-copd-diagnosis/1372026/)

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