Study Shows 59% of Long Covid Patients Suffer Organ Damage One Year after Diagnosis


eMediNexus    16 February 2023

In a new study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, organ damage persisted in 59% of long-term Covid patients a year after the onset of symptoms, even in those who were not significantly impacted at the time of initial diagnosis.


According to the study, 29% of patients with long-term COVID had multiple organ dysfunctions, persistent symptoms, and reduced function at six and twelve months, with a particular focus on patients who reported severe breathlessness, cognitive dysfunction, and low quality of life related to their health.


The study analyzed 536 individuals, of which 13% were hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and 32% of those who participated in the study were medical professionals. Six months after their initial diagnosis, these patients underwent a 40-minute multi-organ MRI scan (Perspectum′s CoverScan), which was analyzed in Oxford and 62% was found to have organ dysfunction. 


Results showed a decrease in symptoms between six and twelve months. The percentage of patients reporting severe dyspnea decreased from 38% to 30%, while the percentage of patients reporting cognitive dysfunction decreased from 48% to 38%. Quality of life due to the infection reduced from 57% to 45% of patients.


Further, it was reported that three out of every five persons with long COVID had damage in at least one organ, and one out of every four had impairment in two or more organs, often without symptoms. Additionally, it affects people′s quality of life and time away from work, especially for healthcare personnel. Many healthcare workers in the trial had no history of illness, yet, 19 of the 172 individuals remained symptomatic at follow-up and missed work for a median of 180 days.


Experts said that the fundamental processes of extended COVID remain obscure and more studies should be taken into account to understand the connections between symptoms, multi-organ dysfunction, and function in bigger cohorts.


(Source:  https://www.hindustantimes.com/lifestyle/health/organ-damage-persists-in-59-of-long-covid-patients-a-year-after-diagnosis-study-101676464605441.html)

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