Researchers at IIT-Delhi have Developed a New Vaccine that Uses One's Own Immune Cells


PTI    17 February 2023

On Thursday, researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi claimed that they had created a nano-vaccine that uses an individual’s body cells in contrast to the synthetic materials or adenoviruses used in COVID-19 vaccinations.


The researchers claimed that the naturally generated nano vaccine has multiple advantages over vaccines that are currently in use. They pointed out that this vaccine can reduce the risk of blood clotting, which was previously observed in vaccine recipients. They added that using one’s own antigen was more successful at producing antibodies against the COVID-19 virus than free antigens.


Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharyya, professor, and director of the department of Biomedical Engineering stated that the newly developed nano-vaccine was effective in boosting antiviral immunity when administered at a dose that was 10 times lower than that of the free antigen. Additionally, it demonstrated a long-lasting immune response, including the development of memory cells that can serve as a defense against the following infection.


He also added that this next-generation vaccine is a step ahead since it utilizes nanovesicles from activated APCs, which already have processed antigens on their surface and are additionally outfitted with other components required to directly activate B and T cells.

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