Hospital in Chennai asked to Pay Rs 17 Lakhs Compensation for the Death of Women Due to Negligence


Kavya Mishra    20 February 2023

Recently, a private hospital in Chennai was ordered by the Cuddalore district consumer complaints redressal panel to compensate a man whose wife passed away due to medical negligence. The hospital has been ordered to pay Rs. 17.25 lakhs in compensation to a man whose wife died 8 years ago. In February 2014, Mr. Vinoth Kumar, a flower trader, admitted his late wife, Mrs. V. Kalaivani, to the WCF Hospital for delivery.


According to Mr. Kumar, after he admitted his wife to the hospital for delivery, the woman experienced a hemorrhage, which caused her blood pressure to decrease. Her uterus was surgically removed by the physicians to stop the hemorrhage. Once the uterus was removed, however, the bleeding continued, so surgeons had to do another procedure. However, she passed away on February 16, 2014, as her health kept deteriorating.


After investigating, the commission concluded that the hospital had neglected to get consent from the woman before performing the surgery to remove her reproductive organs. The commission concluded that there is circumstantial evidence to show that the hospitals negligence contributed to the woman′s death. The state medical council of Tamil Nadu was also issued a directive by the commission′s president, Mr. D Gopinath, and members, Mr. V N Parthiban, and Mrs. T Kalaiyarasi, to take action against the institution.

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