Baby Declared Dead by Hospital Found Alive after Hours, Claims Family


IANS    21 February 2023

A newborn baby at the Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Hospital who had been pronounced dead by the doctor was discovered alive after two and a half hours, in an astonishing case of medical malpractice.


The family member of the newborn claimed that the baby was certified dead by medical staff on Sunday afternoon and was then sent in a box to relatives. However, when the family opened the package after arriving home, they found that the baby was alive after two and a half hours. The relatives of the newborn made a video of the incident, in which the newborn can be seen breathing in the box.


The doctors allegedly turned away the family members when they returned to the hospital to request admission for the newborn. Following that, Delhi Police was notified of the situation, and thanks to their involvement, the infant is now receiving care in the hospital. The hospital has not made any comments regarding the alleged medical malpractice committed by the doctors until now. 

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