FDA approves first combination test: "Lucira covid-19 & Flu Home test"


eMediNexus    25 February 2023

The FDA approved the "Lucira covid-19 & Flu Home test",  the first  COVID-19 and flu combo test which can be done at home and help people to determine the cause of a runny nose easily.


The combo test uses self-collected nasal swab samples, which is available without a prescription and produce results in roughly 30 minutes.


This is the first at-home test for influenza A and B, also known as the flu, despite home COVID tests being widely accessible. An emergency use authorization for the test was given, facilitating the accessibility of "medical counter-measures" during public health emergencies.


The FDAs Centre for Devices and Radiological Health director, Jeff Shuren, hailed the authorization as a significant step towards enhancing consumer access to diagnostic procedures that can be completed fully at home.


The test is for those with symptoms and signs consistent with a respiratory tract infection. Additionally, it can be performed on children as young as two, with adults collecting the samples. 


The FDA advises that tests be reported to healthcare professionals and warns about the possibility of misleading positive and negative results. 


The FDA asserted that it recognizes the advantages that home testing may offer and would endeavor to expand the number of tests accessible, keeping in mind the hazardous effects of COVID-19, RSV, and other respiratory infections. 


(Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/world/fda-authorises-combination-flu-covid-test-for-home-use-482986)

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