Daily Morning Round with Dr K K Aggarwal


Dr KK Aggarwal    14 February 2018

  1. An urgent meeting has been called on Tuesday, February 20 till 2 pm on Wednesday February 21, 2018 by IMA at Mumbai to discuss NMC-Status & further action, CEA in various states and IMA Yatra.
  2. According to a study from the University of California weight gain is contagious.
  3. The BMA reports that rapid review of the dividing lines between gross negligence manslaughter and human error in medical practice is to be carried out by former president of the Royal College of Surgeons Professor Sir Norman Williams. The announcement follows widespread concern among the medical profession in response to a ruling by the high court last month which saw Hadiza Bawa-Garba removed from the medical register.
  4. FICCI Health Committee: Task Force on Accountability in Healthcare will define what accountability in healthcare means and publish a white paper with simple and clear guidelines for healthcare providers to follow 


NATHEALTH has prepared some guidelines for providers and IMA has prepared a 30 point guidelines for self-regulation. These existing documents can be used as the base to further develop a common policy for self-regulation in conjunction with other major industry and healthcare associations of the country, including IMA, NATHEALTH, CII, ASSOCHAM and others 


Code of conduct will be developed for engagement of all involved associations. Further discussion on which will be taken up individually with representatives of concerned associations


Task Force Chair: • Dr K K Aggarwal, Vice President - Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia & Oceania (CMAAO) and President- Heart Care Foundation of India 


Co-Chair: • Dr Nagendra Swamy, Group Medical Director & Senior President, Manipal Health Enterprises 


Members: • Dr Muzaffar Ahmad, Former Member, National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India 

  1. Dr Ravi Gaur, COO, Oncquest Laboratories 
  2. Dr Jatinder Bhatia, Executive Director, 360 Diagnostic and Healthservices Pvt. Ltd 
  3. Any other members identified by the Task Force


5 NEET-PG held on 7th January 2018 a total of 147 1,36,069 doctors appeared.

6 Patients with inflammatory bowel disease who develop uveitis, a common extra-intestinal manifestation of IBD affecting the eye, showed a unique gut microbiome signature compared with IBD patients without uveitis, according to new research presented at the American Uveitis Society Meeting. IBD patients with uveitis showed a notable decrease in the relative abundance of the family Coriobacteriaceae (P = .0007), and an increase in the abundance of Fusobacteriaceae (P = .005) compared with controls.

7 In light of this past Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, issues surrounding the disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (C.T.E.) in professional football players still remains a subject of heavy debate.

8 Increasing reports of dementia among American National Football League (NFL) players with a history of multiple concussions have focused attention on this entity, which has been labeled "chronic traumatic encephalopathy" in this setting. Cumulative effects of repeated concussions have also been implicated in cognitive impairments among college football players.

9 Chronic neurologic impairment has also long been recognized as a sequelae of boxing, and has been called "dementia pugilistica". The incidence is approximately 20 percent in professional boxers, and is much lower, perhaps negligible, in amateur boxers. The number of professional bouts (typically more than 20) appears to be more important than the number of "knockouts".  The total number and type of head blows, particularly if the angle of impact or failure to stabilize the head results in rotational head movements, may be important as well, but it is difficult to quantify.

10 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders affect 1.1 to 5 percent of children…up to five times the previous estimates.”  According to JAMA, prenatal alcohol exposure can lead “to a wide range of permanent and life-long health consequences.”

11 Elective induction of labor among low-risk women at 39 weeks gestation is associated with a reduced rate of cesarean delivery compared with expectant management, results of a large, randomized trial show. Other maternal and infant outcome measures also improved, researchers reported in a late-breaking abstract session here at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicines 38th Annual Pregnancy Meeting.

12 Three hours of yoga a week for a year improved serum levels of adipokines — proteins secreted by fat cells, which are involved in inflammation — in patients with high-normal blood pressure and metabolic syndrome [Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports]

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